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DJKit Podcast

Aug 17, 2018

Ratzi's joined by the original turntable trickster and funk maestro Jimi Needles for a live stream on the Official Rane DJ TWELVE battle controllers & SEVENTY-TWO mixer! Tune in to check out Jimi's first impressions on the set up on his first go!

Every Thursday, host Ratzi will be chopping his way through commercial, underground, throwback and old school vibes, as well as mixes, interviews and album exclusives from special guests!

However, the show isn't only about music! Every month Ratzi will be testing and reviewing a new piece of industry standard equipment!

All of the podcasts will be recorded live on the particular decks / controller featured that month, and on the last Thursday of the month the podcast will be aired LIVE with Ratzi ready to answer any questions live in the mix!